ZATOPEK's apps
#5 Catch The Higgs Boson

the Higgs Boson exists!

so if exists it can be catched...

how many can you catch? are you a good scientist?

it is a game with global top for the best...

for info and support please contact me at

#4 Catch The Santa

A game where you have to catch Santa to get your gift.

Are you the best catcher out there?

Catch Santa, get many gifts enter the global top!

#3 AntiTerror

A game where you have to disarm bombs.

Are you the best anti-terrorist out there?

Disarm as many bombs as you can and enter the global top!

#2egg collector

A game where you have to catch eggs.
are you an easter bunny? colect as many eggs that you can, don't take them slowly because they are really fast!

with global top

#1catch the fly

A game where you have to catch flies.
You got 1minute to catch as many flies as you can!

quick is not the only answer, precision is too... because if you get better score if you have no missed hits.

Top 10 with the quickest catchers.